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Building traders know, how difficult it is to build soils pot-evenly. Complex rework hours with appropriate costs are the result of uneven floors.

That does not have to be! With Trimmerstar products we offer self-propelled high precision mini-graders with laser technology . This permits accurate build-in of the ground surface in millimetre tolerance and with or without inclination. Many materials are possible. The models 806 & 809 are simply in handling and manufactured in good Swiss quality. With the achieved accuracy of approx. +/- 1 mm you can increase the chance for additional orders. Also the amortization period shortens owing to the efficiency and accuracy.


The model 809 is equipped with the german laser technology from MOBA.  The machine can be operated by 2 laser receivers or  optional with the surface height-scanning sensor (sonic-ski).


The patents have been registred at European Patent Office in Munich-Germany. Patent-Nr.: 1865108


We also organize demonstrations, in order to prove the accuracy and the efficiency of our products.   


AWARDS for Trimmerstar Ltd:

Model 806: Prize for technical advanced novelty at öga in CH-Oeschberg

Model 809: Silver medal for innovative novelty at Demopark in D-Eisenach

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