Trimmerstar MODEL 809

the model 809 is a self-propelled levelling and equalization device with laser technology which permits accurate screeding of the ground surface. It is suited to fast and precise screeding of a wide variety of materials in the millimeter range. Grain size 0 - 32 mm. The mini grader 809 automatically checks and adjusts the desired reference height and inclination of the ground surface thanks to the laser guidance. Single or dual slope cabability. The machine is moved forwards and backwards electrically by radio control.  It is powered by a petrol generator on top of the machine.

The machine is equipped with the newest laser technology from MOBA Germany. The height adjustment of the auger is done by two laser receivers or depending on your choice by a ultra sonic sensor guidance. (sonic-ski)  The lasersignal is given by a rotating laser.

The function of the model 809 is the same as the model 806.

No guiding rails necessary!

The MOBA user panel is easy to control and to set all different targets. The use and control is simple to achieve the highest accuracy on all surfaces. Even during the operation of the machine it is easy to make small adjustments of the auger height by a few millimeters only if required.

The ultra sonic sensor (sonic-ski) takes the information of the reference height of existing surfaces or string lines and  copy it to the next course with the same measurements. You can use the ultra sonic sensor together with one laser receiver only as you like.  


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Trimmerstar  in motion.


- Model 806 / 809