Model 806 S

The model 806 is a self propelled levelling and equalization device with laser guidance which permits accurate working of the ground surface. It is equipped with the laser technology from MIKROFYN Denmark. The machine is moved forwards and backwards electrically by radio control. It is powered by a petrol generator on top of the machine.

The model 806 automatically checks and adjusts the required reference height and inclination of the ground surface to the millimetre thanks to laser guidance. The machine is suited to screed nearly all surfaces.

There are no guiding rails necessary!



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Model 809

The model 809 is identical with the model 806. It is a self-propelled levelling and equalization device with laser guidance which permits accurate working of the ground surface with different materials. It is equipped with the newest laser technology from MOBA Germany. 

The basic difference is, that the steering of the auger is done either by 2 laser receivers or depending on your choice by the sonic-ski. The accuracy of screeded surface is at  +/- 1 mm.  


Different kind of materials like concrete surfaces, epoxy-mortar, cement-coatings, sand, clay materials, humus, gravel and granulates can be screeded with the model 809.

The model 809 has been selected for the silver medal award by 4 magazines at Demopark  in D-Eisenach.

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Trimmerstar 806 & 809: Features & advantages

  • Accuracy of the reference heigth of approx.+/- 1mm
  • saving of lean concrete material upto 25% (blinding layer)
  • high screeding achievements per hour upto 250 m2/h
  • easy operation by one person
  • saving of expensive and qualified personnel
  • no more fatiguing work by hand
  • Elimination of expensive rework hours
  • high profitability due to constant accuracy
  • Quick payback of investment costs due to manpower saving
  • Customer gain: pot-even soils
  • Image gain for your company and more orders


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Trimmerstar  in motion.


- Model 806 / 809